From itchy feet to a happy stomach – Myanmar – Part II: Street Food!

I believe if you are blessed with a strong stomach that can withstand different sorts of food, then you have the privilege of going on a street food trail everytime you visit somewhere new. It’s just pure fun walking along the street not knowing what kinds of food lie ahead. So without further ado, let’s continue with another delight of our Myanmar trip! Continue reading


From itchy feet to a happy stomach – Myanmar – Part I: A Taste of Heaven

The first time I visited Myanmar was a year ago when I stayed in Yangon and traveled to Kyaikhteeyoe, the place with the landmark rock pagoda. I don’t know why and how but I just fell in love with the atmosphere and the warmth of the people there. Yangon, more like a town than a city, carries with it a peaceful vibe with people strolling around in longyis (it seems odd to me at first and then I realized that it is a perfect thing to wear on a summer day). Occasionally you will see girls holding flowers walking in groups on the way to pagodas to pay respect and young monks playing and laughing so happily on the street.

This time round, my destinations were Bagan – a place famous for its thousands of pagodas – and Taungyi – the capital city of Shan state known for its rich cultural heritage and food diversity. It was an amazing trip with endless breathtaking scenery along the road, interesting new friends and friendly warm random strangers.

And of course, I do travel for the food. Continue reading