Raw. Uncooked.

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The No-Recipe Roll-it-yourself Platter

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Recently two of my very close friends (one of them an expert in pumpkin prep) decided that their current jobs have become too much to bear. There comes a point when all the long working hours, the taxing straining professional relationships and the constant supervision will no longer justify the monthly paycheck. There comes a point when the learning curve stagnates and you start churning out results like a robot. They have reached that point, and they quit. Continue reading

September and My Xôi Memories

Autumn. September. Time to get back to school. Streets are full of motorcycles with students in uniform at the back seat carrying colorful backpacks. School entrance is a battleground of various sounds demanding to be heard: lively music celebrating the wonderful student life and how exciting it is to learn new things, chattering from breakfast vendors whose trade relies entirely on a bicycle, gas buzzing from the pump of balloon sellers (my primary school requires each student to bring a balloon to release to the sky so yes balloon business thrives on 5th September), and of course the first-school-day encouraging and motivating conversations between parents and their children. That is the picture you can paint for any primary schools. When students grow older, 5th September seems less of a fun fair and more of an orderly unloading bay, where parents drop children off and then leave for work. Continue reading

The Eyes

The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye. Charlotte Brontë

Have you ever looked into people’s eyes, wondering what exactly they have on their mind? What’s it like to be them? What have they gone through in their lives? Are they the person they appear to be?

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My Pb’s Porridge


It sucks being an adult. Work on that proposal! Apply for that job! Find a boyfriend! Get married! Responsibilities everywhere. In the midst of completing the endless task list, I fall into little periods of hiatus which I call my occasional episodes of quarter life crisis, worsened by the mood swing like London’s weather. One moment I’m Mother Teresa on a mission to change the world and the next I’m a bed hugger binging on junk food and Friends for the nth time, mouthing Chandler’s jokes as he speaks. When that happens I go with the flow and allow myself to reach the bottom of the pit, at which point I finally get out of bed and make my Pb’s porridge. Why such a name? Read on. Continue reading

July Update & Favorites

Hey there!

Enough with the hibernation, I’m back! It has been a hectic time, organizing this cooking competition with an amazing dynamic team. The grand finale at the beginning of June was a success for me (at least we didn’t burn down the restaurant where it was held). A few hiccups here and there but we did well, and I’m really looking forward to organizing this again next year. After that I needed to complete my application for this scholarship. Yesss I’ve decided to study in Le Cordon Bleu Australia! And this scholarship is my only ticket there since currently I’m still loaded with my student debt. The result will come out at the end of this year, so fingers crossed; hope that things will go smoothly. Now I’m back full swing, sharing with you a few of my favorite blogs and articles (obviously not raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens) Continue reading