Not another food blog pur-leaseeee…

I swear to you this is not. And so do thousands and thousands of food blogs out there.

To me people sing, draw, write or cook as a form of self-expression: their works are an extension of themselves, and as nobody is alike, no food blogs are alike.

People also sing, draw, write or cook with the hope of inspiring someone, and so do I. My food are inspired by memories with my loved ones and by those who see through different layers of a dish and ignite the ‘What-if’ question: “What if I hang it to dry instead of leaving it in the oven?”, “What if I don’t have molasses? Can I replace with sugar?” And the answer to these? Try doing it. Sometimes things work out just fine, but sometimes they don’t, which is why the kitchen is a lab full of joy and exciting experiments.

And as a Vietnamese living overseas, the kitchen is also a place where creativity sparks and eureka moments happen when I have no choice but to substitute an ingredient for a traditional dish. Trust me, you just can’t ignore that out-of-the-blue craving for spring rolls when yam is nowhere to be found.

Hope my kitchen will inspire YOU who happen to stumble upon my blog just like I was by many kitchens I’ve visited. Do expect to see random posts on peanut, coconut, cats and polar bears every once in a while (all deserve a squeal of delight for being incredibly irresistible). Ultimately, this kitchen celebrates the beauty of food!

Welcome to my joyous lab!

Explore, experiment, and enjoy.


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