Roll, roll, roll away: Spring Rolls Recipe

I’m probably too clumsy and impatient to be someone who loves cooking. There I said it. When I was younger, all the ingredients were prepared and laid before me. My “fine” garlic and chilly mixture was not up to my aunt’s standard; my julienned carrot didn’t look so julienned. It took me one year of living alone overseas and eating unevenly cooked and unappealing looking food that I decided to make an effort to be better. Although I still haven’t mastered the art of chopping onion or julienne carrots as fine and thin as they can be, I’m better. Still, I’m not confident of making stuff that involves a lot of shaping by hands like dumpling, or even spring rolls (really? I know!)

But here I am today, making spring rolls, more to satisfy my constant craving for a bowl of vermicelli filled with fresh herbs, crispy spring rolls and a tangy dipping sauce than a desire to test whether my patience has improved over the years.  Continue reading